20 November, 2011

To charge an electromobile for 30 minutes

Nissan LEAF electromobile

One of lacks of electromobiles is that fact that they should be charged very long. This business not one and at all two hours. At times on gymnastics of such car leaves till twelve o'clock. But recently Nissan autoconcern has presented electromobile LEAF, 80 which % of the accumulator are charged for 30 minutes.

Three kontsepta from Daihatsu: big, small, sports

Kontsept Daihatsu FC ShoCase

Company Daihatsu is oldest of nowadays existing motor-car manufacturers in Japan. However, comprehension of this fact does not force firm to keep for the past, ignoring the present, and, on the contrary, induces to new researches, to new workings out. Three of them Daihatsu plans to present on the Tokyo Motor show of 2011 year which will pass in first half of December.

Apartment house Pitched Roof House – ultra-modern integration yours faithfully to traditions

Apartment house Pitched Roof House from Chenchow Little Architects

Pitched Roof House - a modern architectural masterpiece from experts from the Australian studio, developed according to a number of the strict rules established by the client, and also norms of town-planning of Sydney (Australia).

13 November, 2011

PS4 (Play Station 4)

This design has been thought up by the same designer who has thought up Xbox 720, Thaw Chiemom.