05 November, 2011

The first kosmoport already is under construction

The first kosmoport

The dream of mankind of mass flights in Space is very close. Today in the south of state of New Mexico in the USA building of the first-ever space port begins.

The first kosmoport

The first kosmoport

Kosmoport Spaceport America it is intended for use by its private commercial organisations. After all for anybody not a secret that last decades there were at once some companies developing technologies of alternative and inexpensive flights in Space. Certainly, it not a free space where rockets from Cape Canaveral or from Baikonur fly. These space vehicles will reach only circumterraneous suborbital space at height hardly more than 100 kilometres from a surface of the Earth.

The first kosmoport

The first kosmoport

In particular, company Virgin Galactic which has conducted recently successful tests of the new engine has succeeded in this business. Thanks to hybrid system oksida nitrogen it will be capable to put the ship into orbit with a speed of 4000 km/h. The company plans to construct five devices for flights in suborbital space. First two of them will be called VSS Enterprise and VSS Voyager in honour of the legendary ships from a serial «Star Way», and abbreviation VSS is deciphered as «Virgin Space Ship».

SpaceshipOne in flight

SpaceshipOne and carrier WhiteKnight

Aircraft designer Byort Rutan and its partner Richard Brenson who has based the kosmichesko-tourist enterprise «Virgin Galactic», personally are going to participate in the first flight of the child. Also it is expected that among the first private astronauts there will be world famous astrophysicist Stephen Houking, it is a lot of years chained to an invalid chair.

SpaceshipOne on the earth

It is planned that commercial cost of such flight for one person will cost about 200-400 thousand dollars. And advance payments for the space travel has paid already more than 200 persons. And these advance payments are one of the basic sources of financing of workings out of private spaceships.

SpaceshipOne comes in the land

Building most kosmoporta is sponsored by the state and on predesigns will manage in 200 million dollars. End of building of space port is planned on the end 2010 - the beginning of 2011, as well as the termination of the period of test flights of devices of company Virgin Galactic.

SpaceshipOne and carrier WhiteKnight on the earth

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