22 October, 2011

Ten original gift USB-flash cards which can be bought

The original gift USB-stick

Today the original USB-flash card became one of the most popular gifts. Everyone even if it has appeared far not the only thing in an economy is glad to a new USB-gadget. It is important that a flash card as the necessary subject of daily using, constantly reminds the owner of the person who has presented it. And if it also in an original way looks, gives good mood one appearance. We have collected "hot ten" stylish, original, amusing and simply nice USB-flash cards which can be presented.

Warm flash card-charm HEART

Flash card-charm HEART

About one day of sacred Valentine still far, but the theme of love and warm friendship is actual each divine day. Especially if it is supported material, but romantic things, like sticks in the form of hearts and other lovely souvenirs. Designers from company Marc Jacobs have combined business with pleasure, having transformed a charm in the form of heart of the unusual form into a glamour flash card. Soft pink silicone pleasant to the touch, and heart-desjatigrannik any more you will not name banal and childly a naive gift. Flash card capacity - 2Gb, and cost of "clever heart" - 2500 rbl.

Romantic flash card-charm LIPS

Flash card-charm LIPS

One more romantic "the clever souvenir" with memory on 2Gb also belongs to authorship of designers from company Marc Jacobs. This time it is a flash card-charm in the form of bright red sponges from soft, pleasant to the touch the silicone packed into a small gift box. The flash card can be carried, as a charm for keys or as a decor for a bag, and even to attach to a belt of jeans or skirts. Cost of flash card-brelka LIPS in Russia makes 3100 rbl.

USB-flash card 35mm

Flash card *35mm* in the form of the cartridge with a film

Photoflash card *35mm*
At once after occurrence of digital cameras, film chambers became a past vestige. But today on old film cameras photographers-professionals, or the one who wants to be considered as that prefer to remove. But if earlier on a film held no more than 36 pictures the original flash card under the name "35mm" which as it is easy to guess, is made in the form of the cartridge with a film on 35mm, is capable to contain in itself more than 1000 photos. The flash card-cartridge capacity makes 4Gb, and its cost in Johnny Mnemonic makes 1800 rbl.

Automobile flash card - a key from BMW

Flash card in the form of a key from BMW
Stylish flash card of BMW M Carbon USB Stick

The stylish, modern, solid flash card under BMW M Carbon USB Stick name will look very organically on a table at the head, and becomes an excellent gift to the one to whom you want to flatter. This flash card in capacity 8Gb is as like as two peas similar to a key from BMW of series M, both on the size, and on appearance. The button of opening of a luggage carrier "opens" I USB-will corrode, which automatically leaves flash card bowels on the first pressing, and comes back back at the repeated. The stylish flash card in presentable solid packing is on sale, and there are 3200 rbl.

Car-flash card Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper, an original automobile flash card

Mini Cooper, a flash card in the form of a cult car
Excellent news: thanks to the licence of BMW AG and BMH, in our country has appeared legendary avtomobilchik Mini Cooper traditional red colour! However, avtomobilchik very small, also is located in a female palm... But inside at it is located 8Gb the helpful information. The stylish flash card under name Mini Cooper Red is arranged so that the attention both adult, and small motorists for certain will draw. At it transparent windows and turning wheels, and headlights are shone, when the flash card is connected to the computer. Besides celebratory packing, the beige velvet sack is applied on a flash card, and there is this miracle 3000 rbl.

USB-flash card Vintage Batman

USB-flash card Vintage Batman

Vintage Batman, a flash card-superhero
The world has missed superheroes, consider in the American company Mimoco, and let out the whole series of "heroic" flash cards, including - in the form of the legendary Batman, the person-bat. Besides, in April of this year shootings of a new film about the Batman whom "the Renaissance of the Dark knight" so flash card Vintage Batman is dated just for this event will be called have begun and is let out by the limited circulation in 5 thousand copies. By the way, 4Gb memories of "the dark knight" are filled by original screensavers, wall-paper, avatars and other exclusive gift content. Cost of a flash card 2600 rbl.

"Dark" flash card Darth Vader

Dark Lord Sithov in the form of a flash card

USB-flash card Darth Vader from a series of flash cards about *Star Wars*
The present gift for fans of "Star soldiers" - an original flash card in the form of Dart Vejdera, dark Lord Sithov. Removing a safety cap from a flash card, you bare the person of the character, transforming it in Enakina Skajuokera, and having finished work, again hide his face under a frightening mask. The capacity of a "star" flash card makes 8Gb, and cost - 2900 rbl.

Flash card-dzhedaj Star Wars Yoda

The master of Iodine, from a series of flash cards about *Star Wars*

One more flash card from the same "star" series - the master of Iodine. And now its mission - to stand on protection of your information which volume is measured by four Gb. It can be both photos and briefs, and films about Star Soldiers. Cost of such flash card -  3100 rbl.

Gloomy flash card Zombie Tiki God

Flash card-totem Zombie Tiki God

USB-flash card-totem Zombie Tiki God
Severe appearance of this flash card as if says that all information is under protection special totem, and for its safety it is not necessary to worry. And to assure the owner of the favour, the flash card-totem gives it remarkable wall-paper, prompts and avatars which are written already down in its memory. This mimobot as company-manufacturer Mimoco names the production, became the winner of competition Vimobot Design. Its cost 2600 rub, and capacity - 4Gb.

"Tasty" flash card-kote Chococat

Chococat, a flash card by 50-year-old anniversary of brand Hello Kitty

Chococat, a flash card-kote bringing good luck
This amusing flash card-kote which is called Chococat, a device with background. In 1974 Japanese company Sanrio has created the cult character, kitty Hello Kitty. And here by 50-year-old anniversary of a legendary brand, together with the American firm Mimoco, they have let out a lovely and touching flash card in the form of a chocolate cat. Being the best friend Kitti, Chokokot is the same celebrity, and it has admirers who will be for certain glad to catch this cool flash card in capacity of 4 Gb in which the small gift - exclusive thematic wall-paper is stored, prompts, icons and avatars. Authors assert that Chococat brings good luck, and cost kotofleshki makes an order 1900 rbl.

USB-flash card Split Stick unusual inside

Split Stick, an USB-flash card with the toggle-switch from Marc Zech

Split Stick, a bilateral flash card with the toggle-switch
At first sight this imperceptible flash card is not entered at all in the review, however we should mention it because of its witty and functional device. Officially the flash card is called Split Stick, but in a life her call "2-v-1". The matter is that the author of the project has thought up to divide a flash card on two zones, for the personal and working information, and thus the device became bilateral. The total amount of memory Split Stick USB Drive makes 8Gb, on 4Gb on each of two zones, and switching between them occurs by means of the toggle-switch. German inventor Marc Zech became the designer of a bilateral flash card, its cost in Russia makes 2000 rbl. On the known foreign service offering to people pool their savings to invest manufacture of innovative gadgets, creation of a bilateral flash card with the toggle-switch has supported 326 persons. Thanking it now and we can buy this useful device.Each of the listed flash cards in own way unique, however all these gadgets unites one important property - they can be got in Russia, for example in shop Johnny Mnemonic. Now your friends precisely do not remain without original and useful gifts, and you without attention of the friends.

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