12 November, 2011

There was a chewing gum which does not stick

Who from us though time in life did not tear off from clothes a cud, on which on imprudence of villages? Possibly, such people of unit. And experts precisely do not concern their number from the Irish national university in Cork which have thought up "a not sticking" cud. The group of scientists under the direction of professor Elke Arendt became the author of working out.

The reconstruction of a consistence and flavouring characteristics of a rubber basis became the basic difficulty which scientists have faced. But the way out was in other research work of Mrs. Arendt where it studied cereals in which was absent klejkovina. In these grades proteins with is viscous-elastic properties necessary for researchers were found out.
As a result the protein managed to be finished to the necessary standard by means of modern technologies and additional components.
Huge plus, besides "pristavuchesti", and is more true than its absence, became full biorazlagaemost the used product. And it is not surprising, as the structure of the Irish cud includes basically natural components.

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