05 November, 2011

Tolstoys - now not a problem: a ring-stylus

Ring-stylus for fat fingers

"Juvgu. JUvgk. Bark. Fie you, bank!" - approximately so the mental monologue of the person which something tries to type on the sensitive screen favourite jablofona can sound, but constantly gets a finger by the necessary button. It is all because at someone too fat fingers? No, at someone too small smart phones! In general, a question not in the one who is guilty, and what to do. Not the worst solution of a problem - to put on a ring "Finger stylus".
Recently round all of us simply teems with smart phones and other devices with the sensitive screen. To print fingers on the screen - very pleasantly, conveniently and quickly, but there is one problem: if at you fat fingers it is heavy to pick in a nose their diameter considerably are exceeded by diameter of the button. Besides, even very narrow and graceful fingers-carrots possess unpleasant property: they sweat (if you are live) and pollute a precious screen. Certainly, it is possible to resort to the help of a stylus - but this Ancient Greek device has minuses: hardly probable they will turn out manage fast, unless you the master of the letter on-makedonski, from two styluses.

Tolstoys - not a hindrance smartfonnomu to happiness

Much more interesting and convenient decision is offered by industrial and conceptual designer Park Hyun Jin from Korea. This unpretentious adaptation is called "Finger-stylus", and represents a rubber ringlet c a rubber semicircular ledge. Even it is possible to put on such two ringlets the fat fingers and to print so quickly as soon as can. If you prefer to type the text all fingers, "Finger stylus" too will help in this business and will leave the screen pure and nezamutnennym.

The solution of a problem of fat fingers is found!

In general, the invention so simple, what even is surprising, as this alternative form of a stylus yet did not realise. Such  ringlet-stylus for owners of fat fingers would be quite good for crossing, for example, to a ring-garnituroj hands-free or, even better, with a ring for management of a player iRing  - truth then it hardly probable remains cheap and popular. However, chiromantists consider that fat fingers - a sign of future riches.

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