20 November, 2011

To charge an electromobile for 30 minutes

Nissan LEAF electromobile

One of lacks of electromobiles is that fact that they should be charged very long. This business not one and at all two hours. At times on gymnastics of such car leaves till twelve o'clock. But recently Nissan autoconcern has presented electromobile LEAF, 80 which % of the accumulator are charged for 30 minutes.

Three kontsepta from Daihatsu: big, small, sports

Kontsept Daihatsu FC ShoCase

Company Daihatsu is oldest of nowadays existing motor-car manufacturers in Japan. However, comprehension of this fact does not force firm to keep for the past, ignoring the present, and, on the contrary, induces to new researches, to new workings out. Three of them Daihatsu plans to present on the Tokyo Motor show of 2011 year which will pass in first half of December.

Apartment house Pitched Roof House – ultra-modern integration yours faithfully to traditions

Apartment house Pitched Roof House from Chenchow Little Architects

Pitched Roof House - a modern architectural masterpiece from experts from the Australian studio, developed according to a number of the strict rules established by the client, and also norms of town-planning of Sydney (Australia).

13 November, 2011

PS4 (Play Station 4)

This design has been thought up by the same designer who has thought up Xbox 720, Thaw Chiemom.

12 November, 2011

Comfortable scarf-hood - a device in the help autichnym to people

Comfortable scarf-hood - a device in the help autichnym to people

Beagle Scarf - the multipurpose scarf-hood uniting a sound, a smell and a pleasant structure. This device urged to facilitate socialisation of people sick of autism by means of creation round them pleasant atmosphere.

All under control! ТОП-10 the most unusual game controllers in the world

The game controllers most unusual in the world

Computer and video games is so popular phenomenon in the world that specially for them there was a whole class of devices – the game controllers which problem – to make game process as much as possible convenient and realistic. Here about the game controllers most unusual in the world we also will tell to you in our today's review.

There was a chewing gum which does not stick

Who from us though time in life did not tear off from clothes a cud, on which on imprudence of villages? Possibly, such people of unit. And experts precisely do not concern their number from the Irish national university in Cork which have thought up "a not sticking" cud. The group of scientists under the direction of professor Elke Arendt became the author of working out.

05 November, 2011

Tolstoys - now not a problem: a ring-stylus

Ring-stylus for fat fingers

"Juvgu. JUvgk. Bark. Fie you, bank!" - approximately so the mental monologue of the person which something tries to type on the sensitive screen favourite jablofona can sound, but constantly gets a finger by the necessary button. It is all because at someone too fat fingers? No, at someone too small smart phones! In general, a question not in the one who is guilty, and what to do. Not the worst solution of a problem - to put on a ring "Finger stylus".

The first kosmoport already is under construction

The first kosmoport

The dream of mankind of mass flights in Space is very close. Today in the south of state of New Mexico in the USA building of the first-ever space port begins.

Bicycle with the socket

Bicycle with the socket

Work on the nature is is delightful! Bicycle trips is it is useful for health! And work on the nature and a bicycle can be united, without fearing absence of the electric power. After all South Korean designers have developed bicycle Re; energy which during a trip will develop an electricity necessary for additional charge of mobile devices.

Vertical mouse: how to win a tunnel syndrome

Vertical mouse: how to win a tunnel syndrome

Modern computer mice, apparently, are very convenient and portativny. But, actually, they are hazardous to health. After all long work with them conducts to a tunnel syndrome – to squeezing of a median nerve in a hand. And company Zenlap has created vertical mouse Evoluent VerticalMouse, completely safe and much more convenient, than usual.

The ocean virgin – the project on research of sea depths from corporation Virgin and Richard Brensona

The ocean virgin – the project on research of oceans from corporation the Virgin
People regularly fly to space, landed on the Moon and already prepare the program on disembarkation to Mars. But thus the Mankind not so knows about closer boundaries – underwater much. Here for studying of these extensive open spaces the corporation Virgin also starts the new project which will be carried out by its affiliated company the Ocean Virgin.

London-Beijing: East Express train of 21st century

London-Beijing: East Express train of 21st century

Beijing and Shanghai became one of the main economic centres of the world. And capitals need the reliable transport message with other capitals. For example, with London. This idea seems mad? Tell it to the government of China which of building of a high-speed railroad line Beijing-London seriously thinks.

Guangzhou South Railway Station – the railway station made by a principle of the airport

Guangzhou South Railway Station – the railway station made by a principle of the airport

TSvetomuzyka from iHome

TSvetomuzyka from iHome

Yellow colour symbolises heat and the sun, orange - pleasure, madness and a positive, green - freshness, dark blue - a cool and calmness. Every day has the mood, so, and a corresponding shade. Some prefer to support the mood which has developed since morning music to it well matched, but last workings out of creative employees of the company iHome are already ready to offer us stronger support - a son of lumiere.

And again three in one: a gadget for iPhone or iPod

And again three in one: a gadget for iPhone or iPod

It is a lot of in the world will be people who use now or once had iPhone or iPod. These gadgets became really popular in the world. But we will talk not so much about them, how many about additional devices, to them connected.

Megaphone – the amplifier-megaphone for iPhone

Megaphone – the amplifier-megaphone for iPhone

Mobile phones iPhone are valuable not only in itself, but also a large quantity of the appendices developed for them, and also the special devices intended for their joint work. Most widespread of such devices, docks-stations for audio listening are, of course. Here about one of the most unusual docks-stations for iPhone with name Megaphone we also will tell today.

24 October, 2011

Google Street View now travels and on rails

The Swiss Retijsky railway will appear in Google Street View

Thanks to corporation Google and its geographical projects the world became, more than ever earlier, close and opened for us. Program Google Earth and site Google Maps have opened for us our planet as a whole, and service Street View has opened for us streets of cities which we can admire from any point of the world. And soon we can, being at home, to admire and the kinds opening from windows of trains.

23 October, 2011

The strangest and unusual computer mice

Mouse-football and the mouse-hours which have not got to our review

That the person if only from others to differ only will not think up. Even such simple device as the manipulator "mouse" does not give rest to designers and they aspire to improve, make somehow it unlike others. With keyboards, speaking on truth, at them obviously it has not turned out. Let's look on ten most unusual computer rodents.

Safe mouse for hand ErgoMotion

Safe mouse for hand ErgoMotion
Computer mouse, apparently, a harmless small device which hardly can be harmful something to us. But, nevertheless, at long using it the person can have so-called «a tunnel syndrome» - a nerve jamming in a wrist. Here not to admit it, company SmartFish Technologies and creates computer mouse ErgoMotion.

Huge computer mouse from Brando

Huge computer mouse from Brando
If in first one and a half decades of the mass existence mobile gadgets and devices became ever less now they become more and more. An example to that is the huge computer mouse who has been let out by company Brando.

22 October, 2011

Touch slajder with two screens

Touch slajdera with two screens
About ten years ago even one touch screen in the smart phone is already was much. And now, when touch there is literally all on light, one sensitive surface - is not enough. After all the second touch screen can be transformed almost into any remote terminal unit, from the keyboard to the game joystick; therefore recently also has appeared concept touch phone-slajdera.

Clever wine stopper

Clever wine stoppers
The winemaking - such old and respectable employment, as is not trusted in innovation possibility in this sphere. But, it appears, technologies of our century are capable to change even wine stoppers. From цилиндриков, cut out from an oak bark, wine stoppers can turn to intellectual assistants to the wine maker who will not allow to be gone a precious liquid.

The bridge over a bay of Tszjaochzhou - the longest in the world

In China the new monster of engineering thought – the longest in the world the surface bridge which extent has made 42,5км is placed in operation, — transfers Daily Telegraph.

The bridge under name Qingdao Haiwan Bridge has allowed inhabitants of suburb Huandao to reach without problems for work in the nearest megacity of Tsingtao. By the way, at final cost of a construction in $8,7 mlrd time in a way was reduced all to 20 minutes that should displease tax bearers.
As to technical details movement on the bridge is carried out on a six-strip road cloth, and in a design it is used 5,2 thousand support. As engineers promise, the bridge is capable to sustain not only 8-mark earthquake, but also a typhoon.
It is known that the bridge over the lake Ponchartrejn, constructed in American state Louisiana was the previous champion among surface bridges. Its length makes 38,4km.

Ecological cheap gasoline is promised by the British scientists

According to the British scientists from company Cell Energy, they closely managed to come nearer to creation ecologically safe, and, the main thing, cheap fuel which is capable to replace completely gasoline in modern cars, — shares Daily Mail.

At the heart of manufacture the technology of "electrospinning" which represents nanotechnology reception process tkanepodobnyh structures under the influence of an electricity from microfibres, with a diameter in 30 times smaller, than a thickness of human hair lies. As initial materials are used substance containing hydrogen and polymer on which microballs are fixed.

The wooden laptop i-Wood: the computer from which sight does not spoil

i-Wood, the children's wooden laptop from company Rasselfisch

Possibly, one of the weighty reasons on whom parents do not aspire before to attach the children-preschool children to computers and other high technologies, is fear that children can spoil to themselves sight. You after all remember, how your own parents, and also careful grandmothers drove away you from the TV or the monitor, sentencing, what will spoil to itself sight, in points will go? German company Rasselfisch, however, has thought up a device i-Wood, such laptop for children which will reconcile those who for, with those who against.

Bacteria, yeast and sweet tea use now in quality … fabrics

How you think, whether it is possible to sew clothes from the bacteria, the sweetened tea and yeast? And here at School of a fashion and textiles of the Central college of art and design of Sacred Martin (Great Britain) it already do! For this purpose only it is necessary to dry up received as a result of fermentation of the above-stated components bacterial cellulose, to show a little design sharpness, and … voila! Masterpiece Bio-Couture is ready! – shares Wired.

Americans will start supercomputer Titan in 2012

The Oukridzhsky national laboratory (ORNL) the Department of Energy of the USA (DOE) plans to start in 2012 supercomputer Titan calculated on 20 petaflops (quadrillion operations from a floating comma in a second). For today as much as possible reached capacity makes 2,57 petaflops, and gives out its Chinese Tianhe-1A, — transfers PhysOrg .

Prestigio Data Safe II, a hard disk for the most stylish

The hard disk not so necessarily should look as a boring plastic box with an iron stuffing inside. So have solved in company Prestigio and have created a ruler of stylish external stores Data Safe II.

Ten original gift USB-flash cards which can be bought

The original gift USB-stick

Today the original USB-flash card became one of the most popular gifts. Everyone even if it has appeared far not the only thing in an economy is glad to a new USB-gadget. It is important that a flash card as the necessary subject of daily using, constantly reminds the owner of the person who has presented it. And if it also in an original way looks, gives good mood one appearance. We have collected "hot ten" stylish, original, amusing and simply nice USB-flash cards which can be presented.

Nissan will charge accumulators of electromobiles for 10 minutes

Nissan will charge accumulators of electromobiles for 10 minutes

One of serious minuses of modern electromobiles is long time of gymnastics of their accumulators, even is close not comparable in due course tank fillings on autorefuellings. But Nissan company in this plan creates positive miracles! One of these days she has declared creation of the technologies, allowing to charge accumulators for … 10 minutes!

The green future of the German railways

The green future of the German railways

Germany with great strides moves towards the modernisation power systems. And these structural transformations concern all branches of economy in the country. Including, and the railways! Here one of these days the railways of Germany declared the plans for the period till 2050 year. And these plans, we will tell so, "green"!

Vertu Constellation T – the first touch phone from

Vertu Constellation T – the first touch phone from Vertu

Collateral branch of mobile phones from company Nokia, phones Vertu, have deserved glory of the most expensive and smart devices in the world. Here only they never possessed glory of technical novelties. After all they became often on the basis of already out-of-date models of devices Nokia. Surprising business, but only now Vertu has let out the first phone with the touch screen - Vertu Constellation T!

The refrigerator of future In My Fridge

The refrigerator of future In My Fridge

It would seem, the main function of refrigerators is to cool products, keeping them thus from damage. But after all and phones only called earlier! And, both mobile phones have now turned to multipurpose devices, and refrigerators in the near future, probably, become the universal units capable not only generating a cold, but also on much more. An example of such devices of the futurerefrigerator In My Fridge.

Underwater turbines will make energy at ocean

The ocean is one of the most perspective resources in the world. Though worldwide try to establish windy engines and power generators, till now there is one untouched energy source — underwater ocean currents. Scientists have developed technology which will allow to use currents of Gulf Stream which can possibly supply with energy all Florida.

The new car makes fuel from only, everything

Frenk Pringl (Frank Pringle) has found a way to receive oil and gas literally from only. At once not to understand, whether magic it or the invention which will make 64 summer man the richest person on a planet. In processing car Frenka everything arrives, everything: apron rags, a plastic mug, fragments of rocks, and in some seconds all it turns in hands of the master to oil and natural gas.
This microwave the generator takes fuel and the gas which is in any object. Each hour this car can process 10 tons of a waste and transform them into gas which will make 17 million British thermal units (BTU) energy.
Pringle has invented this car about 10 years ago. Fuel consists of a chain of hydrocarbonic molecules. The scientist has found out that some gases processed in its car, were late, and cold air of laboratory condensed them in fuel. He has understood what probably to receive fuel from any subject in which hydrocarbon contains. It was necessary to find optimum microwave frequency for each of materials, to choose from 10 million variants.
Pringle has spent 10 years and 1 million dollars for calculation of frequency of hundreds kinds of various materials. In 2004 it began to work together with engineer Hawk Hogan who also took up the problems of processing of materials.

Bicycle-record player Dubbed Feats Per Minute

Bicycle-record player Dubbed Feats Per Minute

Record players are perceived presently as technology which has lagged behind the world of years on hundred! Nevertheless, there are people who with the great pleasure prefer to listen to phonograph records, instead of digital music. There are even such people who prefer to listen to them and during driving. Here for them bicycle-record player Dubbed Feats Per Minute also is created.

«Optolyuks-Е27» - the Russian light-emitting diode lamp from winter depression

The Russian light-emitting diode lamp of "Optoljuks-E27"

In the winter even cows on a dairy farm are depressed. Still, all the day to chew straw at dim, yellowish light of a bulb of Ilyich. To Someone even has come to mind to treat their TV. But we know that from winter melancholy a TV set will not rescue, and in often autumn because of shortage of a daylight we start to long.

The court recognised GPS-speedometer indicators

Scientist Phillip Tann from Great Britain has designed system Autopoietic — the new gauge of speed which works with phones with built in system GPS, informs physorg.com. Its Tann used in court for that proof that did not exceed speed though the police confirmed the return and has imposed the penalty.
In November of 2006 Filip Tann moved through Sunderland, Great Britain when the police radar has fixed that makes its speed 42 miles at an o'clock per a zone where 30 miles at an o'clock are authorised to move not faster. During this moment the scientist from company Autopoietic System (Tann Ltd) tested new system of recording of kinematic indicators about car movement.
The device named system Autopoietic, by means of phone can fix the data in a cell in the size less than half of metre (traditional GPS-devices work with area about five metres). He has explained that the invention is comparable with recording «a black box» the plane, collecting data on a condition of the liner during flight.

Tremendous 3D-masks from the Japanese company

How to make 3D masks with frightening realness have thought up in Japanese company REAL-f. Masks detail the person of clients up to a time on a skin and blood vessels of eyes.

20 October, 2011

The technology of embalming is tested Ancient Egyptian

On a surgical table of researchers from Jorksky university the New York 61-year-old taxi driver for whom the cancer of lungs during lifetime has been diagnosed has got. According to the will of the dead, he has resolved mummify the body, and the group under the direction of Stephen Bakli could test on it technology on which as scientists assume, earlier was mummified a body of Pharaoh Tutanhamona, — shares Discovery News.