22 October, 2011

The wooden laptop i-Wood: the computer from which sight does not spoil

i-Wood, the children's wooden laptop from company Rasselfisch

Possibly, one of the weighty reasons on whom parents do not aspire before to attach the children-preschool children to computers and other high technologies, is fear that children can spoil to themselves sight. You after all remember, how your own parents, and also careful grandmothers drove away you from the TV or the monitor, sentencing, what will spoil to itself sight, in points will go? German company Rasselfisch, however, has thought up a device i-Wood, such laptop for children which will reconcile those who for, with those who against.

Having borrowed the scheme of the name at well-known Apple, German designers nevertheless adhered to own sights at what should be the ideal laptop for children. First, wooden... And secondly, any wires, buttons and joysticks, - only multi-coloured are small also the screen in the form of a black board, as at school. You want to draw - please, to write words and letters - without problems. Here only to keep children's creativity it is impossible, but whether it is necessary to mourn, after all at kids very rich imagination and built in "motor" so for a day on this board there can be more ten different drawings.

The computer for preschool children i-Wood, made completely from a tree

Not spoiling sight nurseries the laptop i-Wood from company Rasselfisch

Gadget from a tree i-Wood, the children's laptop and a board for drawing 

Having mastered the first, but wooden, the computer-laptop, the child can be switched and to "the adult" technics. Is conditional-adult, after all designers have thought up for children and special tablet computers, both cameras, and mobile phones. However there is no guarantee of that when the children will change for "the adult" technics, their parents do not undertake the wooden laptop i-Wood to take a fun and draw a chalk on a board, as in school days. 

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