22 October, 2011

Americans will start supercomputer Titan in 2012

The Oukridzhsky national laboratory (ORNL) the Department of Energy of the USA (DOE) plans to start in 2012 supercomputer Titan calculated on 20 petaflops (quadrillion operations from a floating comma in a second). For today as much as possible reached capacity makes 2,57 petaflops, and gives out its Chinese Tianhe-1A, — transfers PhysOrg .

Company Cray is engaged in supercomputer working out. It is supposed that the first part of a complex will be already mounted by the end of 2011, and commissioning will take place in 2012.
It is known that cost Titan will make $100 million, and a main objective of its creation is difficult modelling of power systems. At present in Oukridzhsky national laboratory these calculations are spent on one computer giant occupying second line TOP-500 of a rating of supercomputers – Jaguar system which speed is measured in 1,76 petaflops.
For today, besides Titan which after start becomes the most powerful in the world, in the USA it is developed two more supercomputers: Mira for research and industrial needs, and also Sequoia with which help, in particular, it is planned to model tests of the nuclear weapon. For creation of both supercomputers corporation IBM answers.

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