22 October, 2011

Tremendous 3D-masks from the Japanese company

How to make 3D masks with frightening realness have thought up in Japanese company REAL-f. Masks detail the person of clients up to a time on a skin and blood vessels of eyes.

According to the company-manufacturer press release, experts it was possible to develop new technology which has received the name 3DFP (3 Dimension Photo Form). With its help it is possible to execute a copy not only persons, but also all head of the customer. However, only full-scale.
To make similar 3D a mask, in the beginning to the client arrange photosession during which the huge number of photos in various foreshortenings is created. Photographing process lasts about an hour. The received pictures are loaded into the 3D-printer and further, by means of polyvinylchloride, "person" is created. This process occupies 2-3 weeks.
Pleasure, it is necessary to tell, not from the cheap: for a portrait it is necessary to lay out nearby 4000$, and for a copy of a head of an order 6200$. If you so like own second "person" it is possible to make both the third, and the fourth, etc., and in 2-5 times is cheaper.

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