22 October, 2011

Underwater turbines will make energy at ocean

The ocean is one of the most perspective resources in the world. Though worldwide try to establish windy engines and power generators, till now there is one untouched energy source — underwater ocean currents. Scientists have developed technology which will allow to use currents of Gulf Stream which can possibly supply with energy all Florida.
The idea of scientists consists in placing turbines precisely in the middle of a current Gulf Stream. Diameter of these turbines about 30,48 metres. They will be attached to a buoy on which there will be a special equipment for electricity manufacture.
Installation of these turbines will occupy a lot of time, and also serious scientific researches be required. Therefore the command of scientists assiduously works over model of a prototype which on their expectations should give to scientists enough data on how it it is rational to estimate possibility of negative influence on an ocean current as well on numerous inhabitants of ocean. The prototype will be let out in February, 2008.

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