22 October, 2011

The bridge over a bay of Tszjaochzhou - the longest in the world

In China the new monster of engineering thought – the longest in the world the surface bridge which extent has made 42,5км is placed in operation, — transfers Daily Telegraph.

The bridge under name Qingdao Haiwan Bridge has allowed inhabitants of suburb Huandao to reach without problems for work in the nearest megacity of Tsingtao. By the way, at final cost of a construction in $8,7 mlrd time in a way was reduced all to 20 minutes that should displease tax bearers.
As to technical details movement on the bridge is carried out on a six-strip road cloth, and in a design it is used 5,2 thousand support. As engineers promise, the bridge is capable to sustain not only 8-mark earthquake, but also a typhoon.
It is known that the bridge over the lake Ponchartrejn, constructed in American state Louisiana was the previous champion among surface bridges. Its length makes 38,4km.

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