22 October, 2011

The new car makes fuel from only, everything

Frenk Pringl (Frank Pringle) has found a way to receive oil and gas literally from only. At once not to understand, whether magic it or the invention which will make 64 summer man the richest person on a planet. In processing car Frenka everything arrives, everything: apron rags, a plastic mug, fragments of rocks, and in some seconds all it turns in hands of the master to oil and natural gas.
This microwave the generator takes fuel and the gas which is in any object. Each hour this car can process 10 tons of a waste and transform them into gas which will make 17 million British thermal units (BTU) energy.
Pringle has invented this car about 10 years ago. Fuel consists of a chain of hydrocarbonic molecules. The scientist has found out that some gases processed in its car, were late, and cold air of laboratory condensed them in fuel. He has understood what probably to receive fuel from any subject in which hydrocarbon contains. It was necessary to find optimum microwave frequency for each of materials, to choose from 10 million variants.
Pringle has spent 10 years and 1 million dollars for calculation of frequency of hundreds kinds of various materials. In 2004 it began to work together with engineer Hawk Hogan who also took up the problems of processing of materials.

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