22 October, 2011

Ecological cheap gasoline is promised by the British scientists

According to the British scientists from company Cell Energy, they closely managed to come nearer to creation ecologically safe, and, the main thing, cheap fuel which is capable to replace completely gasoline in modern cars, — shares Daily Mail.

At the heart of manufacture the technology of "electrospinning" which represents nanotechnology reception process tkanepodobnyh structures under the influence of an electricity from microfibres, with a diameter in 30 times smaller, than a thickness of human hair lies. As initial materials are used substance containing hydrogen and polymer on which microballs are fixed.

In tests which were spent to Laboratories Rezerforda — Epltona, for manufacture it was initially used borane ammonium with a hydrogen mass fraction in 19,6 %. As fixing polymer polystyrene acted. The process temperature made 110-150 hailstones. Celsius. Ammonia allocation became an essential lack thus. Though, scientists also notice that at the expense of reduction of the maintenance of hydrogen in initial substance, it was possible to lower temperature of production to 80 hailstones. Celsius.
At the moment experimental works in which other similar substances are used proceed.
To receive a definitive variant of new fuel researchers plan within a year. On turn joint tests with motor-car manufacturers. And to deduce new technology on the market it is planned within 3-5 next years. Cost of litre of such gasoline will make approximately 20 pence (about 10 roubles) for litre. Thus having filled in a full tank you can pass 500-650km.

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