20 October, 2011

The technology of embalming is tested Ancient Egyptian

On a surgical table of researchers from Jorksky university the New York 61-year-old taxi driver for whom the cancer of lungs during lifetime has been diagnosed has got. According to the will of the dead, he has resolved mummify the body, and the group under the direction of Stephen Bakli could test on it technology on which as scientists assume, earlier was mummified a body of Pharaoh Tutanhamona, — shares Discovery News.
As Stephen Bakli, by a trade the chemist has told to journalists, he throughout 19 years was engaged in a theme mummification. In this time he has managed by means of gas chromatograph to find out, what means for embalming of bodies ancient Egyptians used. He some times tested the technology recreated by it on pork feet. As a result, when saved up knowledge for mummification it has appeared enough, it through the newspaper has found the volunteer who after the death has agreed to offer the body for the sake of a science.
In process mummification to the dead through an aperture in a side have removed all bodies. In inviolability have left only a brain. After that a cavity have sterilised and have filled with a linen fabric. Further, that the skin remained whole, it have rubbed with special balm from oils. After that for a month have shipped in caustic (caustic natr). This way of dehydration of bodies for mummification was described still by Ancient Greek historian Gerodot. That in the course of drying insects have not attempted upon a mummy, and also, to protect it from an ultraviolet, a body have wound with strips from a linen fabric.
After three months of drying, according to forensic scientist Peter Vanezisa, the body has got characteristic for Egyptian mummies colour and structure.
It is supposed that if the technology will justify itself, it will help to find ways of preservation of remains alternative to formaldehyde.

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