22 October, 2011

The court recognised GPS-speedometer indicators

Scientist Phillip Tann from Great Britain has designed system Autopoietic — the new gauge of speed which works with phones with built in system GPS, informs physorg.com. Its Tann used in court for that proof that did not exceed speed though the police confirmed the return and has imposed the penalty.
In November of 2006 Filip Tann moved through Sunderland, Great Britain when the police radar has fixed that makes its speed 42 miles at an o'clock per a zone where 30 miles at an o'clock are authorised to move not faster. During this moment the scientist from company Autopoietic System (Tann Ltd) tested new system of recording of kinematic indicators about car movement.
The device named system Autopoietic, by means of phone can fix the data in a cell in the size less than half of metre (traditional GPS-devices work with area about five metres). He has explained that the invention is comparable with recording «a black box» the plane, collecting data on a condition of the liner during flight.

According to Autopoietic to System, speed Tanna was precisely 29.177196 miles at an o'clock. But when he has been accused of excess of speed and date of court has been appointed, Tann has decided to prove the innocence by means of the data available for it. As a result charge has been removed, because the scientist has shown to court the system and has shown its superiority over a radar used by police.
However the authorities had other variant of history. Said later that the initial data of a police radar was correct, and Tanna has justified therefore only that the inspector who has left by then from bodies which have spent measurement was not on session. Policemen consider that 29 miles fixed by a GPS-speedometer at an o'clock, left, — average speed on a certain interval. And instant speed just also made 42 miles at an o'clock.
The scientist persistently asserts that its device which further working out is already financed by the state became the main proof of innocence. The inventor has received award NStar at a rate of 60000 pounds sterling.
System Autopoietic plan to let out for the market on December, 1st 2007, informs a company site. Also Tann Ltd lets out products which can help the people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and parents, wishing to know a site of the child.
The system writes down the data about speed, time and a site equipped GPS a mobile phone. If to its user should bring accusation in excess of speed then it can give the necessary information for penalty avoidance. The recorded data can specify also acceleration/delay of the driver and a movement direction. This data will help to solve a problem of infringement of a high-speed mode, to help with elimination of stoppers. Another matter that the navigator will help with Russia a little: the network of roads is too badly developed, that is variants to avoid stoppers very little.

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